The benefits of Facebook ..

I work for a flooring company where I am in charge of all the social media.  I use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  Facebook seems to be the most popular platform to this day but I can see an increase amongst of “follower” base on Twitter.  Facebook has been a useful social outlet for our business over the last couple of years, I keep our page updated daily with content regarding our products/ services but also with interesting links/pictures.  I like to keep the content interesting on our business page by going outside of the business and posting things like recipes/fashion accessories/funny videos etc.  I post information according to our general target audience which is women ages 30-55, however I like to mix it up once in while.

The author of the article: “Facebook Marketing for small business: What you need to know” from “Social media examiner” listed three steps that a small business should follow in order to increase their audience. 1. Be consistent 2. Be relevant, and last but not least 3. Be excited about it. Social media gives small businesses like the one I work for a way to market themselves within free social platforms. Customers are now able to connect with businesses on a more efficient level and an opportunity to feel valued.  Customer service is an area where businesses can benefit from social media, if you’re being consistent with Facebook and engaging with your audience/ answering any questions, requests etc., you are making progress within your small business.

At my company there was a customer who wrote a negative comment on the page, this was alarming at first but we managed to deal with the issue in a positive way.  We ended up resolving the problem and in the end benefited our company as well as the client.   Author Stelzne addresses this issue in the article by describing ways to address negative feedback from dissatisfied consumers, and the number 1 tactic is to respond positively.  By providing the customer with positive/helpful feedback you are showing them great customer service skills, in my case these great customer service skills led to more business referrals from my once “dissatisfied” customer.  The way we had dealt with this complaint was a key component to gaining success, turning a negative situation into a positive one.  Social media sites like Facebook give small businesses the chance to interact/build relationships with old and new customers.


Stelzne, M. Facebook Marketing for small business: What you need to know. Retrieved Feb 1st from:


2 thoughts on “The benefits of Facebook ..

  1. Hi Morgan,

    Thanks for sharing this information. I’m in agreement with you that Facebook is a fantastic marketing tool for small businesses – especially in respect to advertising and being able to truly pinpoint not just a target audience, but a target geographic audience as well. I also am in agreement that managing a corporate page of any size can be taxing – because this is a social world! It’s critical to monitor your fans’ activities on your pages – which it sounds as though your company is doing a great job of because you managed to resolve a complaint amiably and without too much damage to your “social reputation.”

    Thanks again,
    Laurie Moon

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